(8) Travel diary 1.0

Something different and off the books from the recent blog posts you guys have been reading about; I’m going to share a few of my favorite moments from a trip I had to Kiwi-land earlier this year. Say Kia Ora! New Zealand is known and pronounced for its aesthetic beauty, the great adventures it holds, the greatest haka dance ever, and did I mention the food?  

We kicked off the trip landing in the heart of New Zealand, the South Island where I tested my adrenaline levels to the max by taking over a few of my bucket list items; cliff jumping, wild water rafting, ocean canoeing and most of all, soaking in yet another cultural diversity. We hired this amazing condo on the slopes of Queenstown just a little further from the main town, in isolation of the hustle yet so amidst the culture and its people (Pictures to follow I promise). A wild water speed rafting ride was the first on the list and as we drenched ourselves in the Kawarau river, the sun set gracefully upon the horizons of the town. A trail down at Mt. Cook, canyon swing at the Shotover Canyon, cruising along the Milford Sound, taking the gondola, luge riding and endless adventures. Every day we were ever so famished and that compelled us to roam the streets of the town on foot stopping at venders of every variety; Double trouble chocolate crepes, ever-so spoken Ferg burgers (if you haven’t had one of these, you really didn’t go QT people), COFFEE (-inserts heart emoji-), the Indian food! (insert a dramatic emoji), cookie dough at Cookie time, colorful tapas at Caribe Latin’s kitchen…trust me the list here is endless.  

Epitome of this trip was probably the fact that we drove ourselves from town to town, if you’re someone who seeks such an adventure then this IS your go to holiday, so plug that into the To-Dos list. Kaikoura was a small, merry and a super welcoming town found a little up North from QT and it was here we explored the deep-sea waters of rugged East coast of the island. We kept moving up further until we reached the castle hood of Christchurch, which was a depiction of this amazing middle-aged era, almost as if like the romans would like it. The bronze bricked buildings empire amongst the city’s miniature landscape and on the other side, the town was draped in botanical gardens and English townhouses; breathtaking. The cold and chilly air filled the atmosphere as we kept moving up North to the coastal side of a town called Nelson. I promise you; reality will justify more than the pictures, but pictures justify more than words as of now. Our final destination before departing for home was touchdown in the City of skyscrapers; Auckland.  it was a chilly, frosty yet the cleanest air I breathed as I walked out of the airport facilities. The city had its hustle and bustle but never it did lose its charm, an elegant princess by the day and bride by the night – it was lighted up every night like it was New Years and something not out of the ordinary – delicacies.  

New Zealand was one of a kind and I’d love to take another trip at any chance I get. I hope this change of post upped the ante for the blogs a little and it’d be something that pricks your tastes, that was Kiwi island, where to next?  

Yours, x  

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