(9) The word prompt story trend (Rrrr 😉 )

An x-number word prompt story. It’s as trending in the blogging world like fidget spinners were back in 2017. I got these random words generated from my cousin’s limited vocabulary count (thanks heaps) so cutting out on the not-so-needed intro, here’s my endeavor to my very first prompt story. 

Together, play, plane, rain.  

I felt distressed with the thoughts of putting myself together, it was as if I intentionally didn’t want to be okay; I wanted to feel hurt. I could have gotten on that plane, chased him down but getting turned down was least of the fears, it was the actual thought of having him stay. I was in a split decision; did I want to live my life on my terms, or did I want to be with him? Someone who understood me but wait, did he really? Was I being mature or was that just a compromise… it was a play up of emotions that I just could not understand? As tears escaped my eyes, the drops of rain accompanied my solitude in a soft tune against the windowpane, all the questions, all at once… 


Yours, x

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