(10) A letter to my 20YO self…

Dear me,  

Was that another meal you just skipped? Is that your pile of laundry in the corner? Did you have any savings even this month? You’ve always been so busy painting this perfect picture of your future, did you almost forget to live in your present? 

Amidst all those errands you ran did you ever look after yourself? 

Hey you, you’re doing perfectly amazing at life and you’ll make it through, I know of that. You are already here, into your future see. I wish you took that dancing class you have always wanted to go for but never got the time, read that book that you always passed by but never picked up because you never had the time, go spend time with yourself, but oh, only if you ever had the time. These are your empowering years; it’ll be times like this that will make epic bonfire story telling sessions to your grandkids worth the nostalgia. 

It’s not always about Friday night parties or getting drunk that fills the cup of your 20s. It’s when you’re thinking five years greater than your age. Hey you, I wish you learnt to piggy bank that money in the right place, in the right manner instead of tapping that card on drinks you bought for ‘friends’ that you’re surely not going to talk to once you leave the club. 

You are what you eat. You are what you think. You are where you are. Keep your surroundings clean and that does not necessarily mean environmentally (I’m hoping you do that already) but the people around you should bring out the best in you.  

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”  

~ Marissa Meyer 

Chase happiness not mere worldly pleasures. Trust me you turned out just fine. 

Sending warm hugs,  

From me to you 🙂 

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