(11) Have you ever dived deeper than that?

Photo by Moodywalk on Unsplash

There’s no perfect way to living. You may envy someone else’s life and consider them lucky, comparing yourself to them won’t make you any better at their skill but it for sure will lower your self-confidence. If all of us on this planet had the same goals, the same methods to achieve them then what exactly is the point of me and you? Everyone comes to Earth with a purpose, a purpose that is definitive to them and no one person is the exact same as another. It’s a world full of geniuses.  


  1. Your attitude is everything 

Having this set goal in your head that what you’re about to do is only achievable by you, you’re the sole person able to accomplish it and if you can’t do it then no one can. It’s an attitude one has, if you step out on that field with an automated drive with such a heavy attitude, then believe me you, no one will come in between you and your destination.  Not knowing and acknowledging your gifted abilities is the biggest act of foolishness, now why would someone with an impeccable skill want to lock it away? You’re given the same 24 hours as Mahatma Gandhi had, the same 365 days Steve Jobs had, and if you talk about resources then no, you weren’t the one who served 27 years in prison like Nelson Mandela.  

On his first attempt to conquest Everest Sir Edmund Hillary said,  

‘I shall come back and I shall conquer you because as a mountain you cannot grow but as a human being, I can.’  

If he did not have a mindset of such at that time, then today we wouldn’t know if anyone would ever be able to reach the peak. Attitude.  

2. You’re allowed to feel pain 

It’s a healthy way of living, to let go of all the scrutinizing pain you have bottled up in you for all the time that went. You know when there’s a pang feeling as if there’s a pebble stuck to your throat and your tummy does these weird somersaults and everything goes foggy. Darn you anxiety. It’s one of those moments whereas a person you feel super lost with what to do and how to make yourself feel better, maybe talking to someone eases it out but until you don’t communicate to the most important person; yourself, then it just never will make sense. Hey you, it’s okay to have emotions and its human to have breakdowns, but just know that every time you let those emotions out draw a lesson from it, don’t be attached to the thought of it but have a deep learning from its outcome.  

When it hurts so bad, when the thought gives you pain maybe instead of feeling the pain, we can feel the healing. 

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

3. You’re right to be wrong

In this ever so fast-paced world they say he who slows down gets left behind. If you try to understand the definition behind this then you do know that you aren’t going to get everything right in the first instance. Making mistakes is human, just don’t keep making the same mistake time and again then my friend, you’re just fooling around.  

4. The very so art of letting go 

How many of us do you think would be victims of still complaining about how your partner didn’t even say anything about how you looked last night despite all the efforts you made? Seems irrelevant but pick any scenario and tell me you aren’t a victim of doing this… You’ll hold on to the grudge all day and night and drop hints of how hurt you are, try every path to bring to their realization on how hurt you are and stretch the “issue” to the extent until you don’t even know why you’re actually mad at them. It’s all of us, we all do it because again: human behavior. If we could evolve, we have a much bigger chance at growing and what stops you from growing shouldn’t even be there in the first place. So, let go of fears, stereotypes, grudges, unwanted feelings and thoughts – grow out of your shell.  

Thank you for reading, I hope can create the tiniest of footprint within you.  



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