(14) What should your plate look like?

Now hang on there don’t have a go at me already, you knew this was coming your way and hell yeah it was intended to make you feel super guilty so your plate doesn’ look like that mountain you never climbed.

The magical word in “scientific” words is PORTION sizes -cues the wizard of Oz theme music- There’s several myths out there about eating your greens and tadaaa you’re a health freak but let me stop you right there beautiful, there’s so much to a good diet than you think, while on the contrary still a very simple principle masked over by intented complications, ugh human race.

I can’t say i’m an expert in this field but my knowledge does reach to the lengths of not making you starve but still helping you lose that excess belly fat stopping you from getting into those size 10 jeans (shoutout to everyone, size is just a number hey…you still rock!)

The next few blog posts will be about what makes your plate sustainable for your body and all good things in between!

P.S. Nutella is NOT excluded 🙂

Follow me (if you want to) on Instagram @shaspedia – spoiler alert – It’s where you will find my cheat foods 😉

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