(15) The circle of FOOD

– cues The circle of life from ‘The Lion King’ –

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

I’m sure you know of the famous food pyramid that is stacked with colourful food items and so, but i bet ya hardly know what it acutally means. First of all that pyramid has been excavated, the egyptians called and they wanted it back (that’s funny haah you laughed, ok no more dad jokes).

The food circle is made up of 5 different food groups and I aim on explaining that to you in the simplest form of words as possible (no fancy show off i promise, well i’ll try). Today’s blog post will go through only one major food group since it holds a pretty big chunk in the chain!!!

….. and drum roll

1. It’s the GRAINS!

Contribuiting as one of the largest out of the 5 groups grains are titled to be highly beneficial and crucial part of our diets. Foods that we can source this vital component include breads, noodles, oats, rice, muesli and literally anything that comes named as ‘Grains’ … i mean pretty obvious hey folks.

That been said i know there’s always a big fuss about ‘oh my god i only eat brown rice or brown bread’ but hear me you they both still descend from the grain family, albeit the difference (its just the sugar content difference, but don’t stop eating brown rice duhhh).

Why the hell would you want to listen to me know? Does it really matter if you do/dont eat your grains? yes, it surely does…like you can’t drive a car if it has no fuel in it you simply won’t be able to operate your body well without the fuel it needs. the wheat and the polenta you eat will be broken down into important carbohydrates which are the epitome of life, your body fuel source, your bread and butter (see what i did there 😉 ). Reduced intake of this leads to energy deprivation leading in interruptions in daily living, watch for that sugar cause boy it’ll skip over the roof and most importantly it’ll affect yuor poop cycle!! Yes i said it, i said the taboo word…so keep eating those fibres people and keep posted for more of the food groups to come!

Recommended intake for an average 19-50yo adult is 6 serves where 1 serve is equal to 1 slice of bread, 1 cup oats and so.

If you need help with determining measures, help yourselves and put down the questions in the comments below 🙂

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