(16) The circle of FOOD (Veg)

Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

There’s always the big fuss on how eating loads of veg is the best way to go bout losing weight and getting in shape. No doubt it’s one of the major contributor alongside its pal ‘grains’ but it doesnt do the job alone, hence, the previous post thay highlighted the importance of a balance in all the 5 food groups.

Vegetables come in the second highest to-be consumed of the food groups; grains, veg, dairy, lean meat & poultry (don’t run away my vegeterian mates, i’m a vegeterian too so i’ll help you get around that) and FRUIT (the best one haha).

Different veggies provide a different nutritional value and benefits, such as potatoes for example that are well known for the much needed starch and fibre in our body, carrots that are an excellent source of Vitamin A – good for the vision and all your citruses that provide you with all the Vitamin C in your body boositing that immunity and preventing you from catching several diseases. The list is endless and i could go on and on but instead i’d like to hear from you and if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know of!

Recommended intake for an average 19-50yo adult is 5 serves where 1 serve is equal to 1 cup of that green leafy veg you always avoid or like 1/2 cup of your canned lentils and so on.

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