(17) The circle of FOOD (Lean meat & Poultry)

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

Being a vegeterian i have always had people come to me and question what i do with this ‘issue’, clearly not so much of a problem i reckon. There’s tonnes of protein and carbs stored in this food group that is enriched from several food types, sure thing meat and poultry have plentiful of it but it doesn’t come to an end there.

Talking from my own point of view (being a vegeterian) i’ve never had the need to reach out of any of the meaty products because i was insufficient in a certain vitamin or so. a deficiency in this food group is said to bring about a lack of B12, Proteins and iron among several others which can eventually lead to loss in bodily functions, loss of muscle mass and weight too.

Beans, legumes and seeds! These three form a lot of my staple diet which are plentiful in protein and well as all the carbs from the beans and legumes, there’s not just one way to eat them too (ugh who boils everything), I mean that’d be pretty boring why lie but i guess being Indian has its benefits and we know our way around making any food taste fancier (such a brag). Dairy, which is also a food group on its own is stocked up with so much protein, calcium and minerals too, again there’s so many ways of cooking it up you don’t have to just drink it. If you’re up for recipes then there’s plenty to come, follow up and keep tuned 🙂

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