(18) The circle of FOOD (DAIRY! DAIRY! DAIRY!)

Without a doubt one of my fav food types …

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

Dairy is packed with heaps of calcium, several minute vitamins and proteins, yes the good food proteins that everyone thinks you can’t get enough of if your meal is vegeterian. Dairy comes in the form of milk, cheese, yoghurt, paneer, buttermilk and so much more which in turn you can make so many different meals out of them. Like i mentioned in the previous post, recipes shall follow (hush hush indian food coming right up).

Dairy is essential for your bones (which i’m pretty certain is well aware of), your musculoskeletal function and all your buzz functions in the body – the neuromuscular control system people! That being said a lack or deficiency in these is going to drive you bonkers, even worse the people around you, so drink that milk and stop complaining about that cheese (although keep your limits love).

Recommended intake for an average 19-50yo is 2.5 serves where 1 cup is exuivalent to approx. 1 cup of milk

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