(19) Hasta la vista 2019!

Photo by Nicolas Tissot on Unsplash

Wrapping things up on a rather edgy way i did not want to put up novel content but rather talk to you guys about my journey here. I’m pretty new to this platform and have had my ups and downs trying to win in the game of consistency, which pretty much took its toll right at me.

I don’t want to be one of those people who will put down new years resolutions that make myself feel better for the moment but till February closes in I lose all motivation to do what I put down. Instead I made myself goals and targets of what i would like to improve in, every year has to beat the previous and that’s when you can say you’re progressing in life and not just standing there or falling back. I’ve had endless dreams of missinos i have wanted to achieve but as 2019 comes to an end, those dreams seek to become into goals and next time this year i shall be writing of them as my accomplishments.

Dear reader, don’t pressure yourself into changing who you are or becoming a new person because oh so called best mate said ‘new year new me’, nah mate that ain’t gonna work no more. Work on being a better person, aiming to achieve all that you have wanted to but did not get around to and trust me you, you’re doing amazing at life and someone out there is surely proud of you, you know YOU ARE.

Here’s to the good and the bad, the climbs and falls, the lessons and rewards, the year where procastination took a big toll, the year that held the Endgame for Avengers and Game of thrones (apologies I couldn’t hold that one in lol), and lastly yet another year of hard work! Kudos to you!

See you on the other side till then… stay safe, eat clean and smile 🙂

Hasta la vista baby x

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