(20) Kickstart 2020 on a good note (literally kick) ;)

Now when I mean kickstart and literally mean it I strongly press on it but at the same time no not a person, go kick a boxing bag or something. No, like actually go mate! And thats what todays topic is about, a tiny introduction into the fitness world and how much of it I wish to do myself this coming year (yeah yeah one of those crappy new year promises again).

Together with all the food talks that we have had past couple posts we should be aware that you can’t clap using just one palm and so likewise just eating the right food will not impact you as much when paired with its best friend; a good exercise session. I am all in for yoga, pilates and meditation but just like you can’t make a cheese sandwich with cream cheese you can’t say you have worked your body out with a yoga session (again, i’m all in for Yoga don’t get me wrong).

The fitness industry is a largely growing business as we move decade after decade (tell me you got the joke, okay shush me!), but as popular it grows the more it has been taken for granted so much so that people recognise every other person who gives advice over internet (such as me) a so called phony pretending to be a “fitness guru”. Yeah for sure iIdo have a background in this field but that has not made me a professional and I don’t hold any brags about it, instead I’m more or less here to share my experiences with you guys and try to make an impact on someone else’s life, do you realise how much of an honour that actually is?

Exercise for so long has been recognised as going for runs and paying for gym fees but did you peek beyond that and see so much more to it? Honestly, neither did I but as a current graduate, the time I have had been home has allowed me to explore several perspectives to this paradigm – such as home based workouts (that rice bag works guys).

So brace yuorself as for the next few posts we’ll direct our focus into how we can join the two – food and exercise to shape a better you. There’s heaps of topics and possible questions you guys will have that I try to cover in the following posts to come, it’s going to be a rollercoaster of sarcasm, bad puns, dad jokes and not so jargony fitness world journey!

Join me, let’s set 2020 right together 😉

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