(21) Why are you reading this blog post?

After all that has been put up on this blog there needs to be a valid reason as to why my posts are even worth reading. There’s plenty posts out there that are worth reading and as of now i can say there’s not much thats different, but we can plan this journey together innit?

A bit of storytelling on my end: I’m a recent graduate in a Bachelor’s degree of Exercise and Sports sciences. The past few years of my life have revolved around the fitness, food, health industry and among other relevances. It has been my pride and joy to help anyone out there with the knowledge i have gained, in this day and age its kind of a lttle contribution.

Oh! chapter 2: I recently got accredited as an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES) which frankly speaking i know not many of you know of out there (GOOGLE it rn!), it’s one of those professions like most of us have out there where not everyone appreciates but that’s okay, our job is to make a difference.

Chapter 3: what goes good with exercise? FOOD! I’m a big foodie and love to experiment a lot of things therefore the creation of my instagram page “shaspedia’ where i share my recipes (a particular interest in smoothies) that are the easiest creations and kept simple (so go check that out now, like seriously go though haha). To know me a bit these were my insights, if you want to dig deeper do join our family and click that subscribe button, i rpomise you we’ll have loads of fun together! Signing out 🙂

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