(22) 3 Ways to change your life

Photo by me @ Shaspedia (instagram)

Nutrition. Exercise. Being happy.

The three majorly impact each other and cohesively on our day-to-day lives. It doesn’t go unheard on how much the first two have been put emphasis on but it also goes unexplained on how the two will impact on the third pin: being happy with your life.

Nutrition has been heavily pronounced now more than ever with about 8% of the population turning into vegans or vegeterians and opting for the more plant based foods. Role of nutirition in this triangle is to nourish the body from within, keeping it clean and neat from the within and by doing so you’ll see the ‘products’ on the outside – that pretty hair you always wanted (yeah keratin), your glowing skin (Go melanocytes!), a pimple free face? Yeah, because your body has been able to clean itself up from the toxins and nourish the cells with the good stuff, those pimples might not even appear (win, win!). I cannot emphasise enough on the multiple benefits of water and how much you need to have it, I understand it’s annoying that you have to keep making runs to the bathroom, however if you’re body can do so much for you that’s the least you can! 70% of our body is made up of water and that means most of it gets removed from the body in one way or another, and just like that it is highly essential for you to replenish those cells from time to time to avoid detrimental effects in the future. A good way to always remeber to drink water is probably put a sticky on your desktop, that way everytime you take a break you’ll get up for some water, water reminding apps work, or always even have a bottle of water with you everywhere you go like I do. It’s not always the case that nutrition is a need for everyone, in some countries and for some people its sadly a luxury, so if you’re out there and some what way can help someone get a good meal just think of the priviledge you have and help our own people out, after all you’re a human and they are too.

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

Moving on before I get too carried away, the second peak of the triangle is influenced by a good exercise regime which goes like a puzzle piece fit right with nutrition; one is incomplete without the other. Exercise can be done at home per se and not necessarily in need of a gym setup (although yes if your overall aim is to get strength and be conditioned well into it, then highly advisable). To keep yourself moving and have general fitness, a home based workout of 15-20 minutes daily can make a huge impact on your living. C’mon you sleep for 8 hours, 20 minutes is barely even 5% of it! A 20 minute run in the morning or a small workout with lets say 3×10 crunches, 2×10 pushups 3×10 bodyweight squats with 5 minutes still to spare for which you can meditate is not a lot to ask. Again, you’re not doing this for me or anyone, do it for yuorself i’m just a medium to help you out, a small sweat burnout in the morning can change your day heaps…try it out yourself and tell me.

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