(23) How to live a happier life

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

As in our previous post where we talked about nourishing the body and taking care of its physical self, we’ll walk along those similar lines and go through a few ways in which I try to keep myelf up to the game and make myself happier emotionally and mentally (sounds a little frantic? don’t worry you’ll soon own it).


  1. Let go of what doesn’t matter

I know i’m not the only one who holds on to things i’m in no control of, constantly thinking of how to fix things or how I can better myself but at the same time I always look onto what I’ve done rather than what I can do. As once said by Jay shetty, time passed by is like a chapter of a book once read, you’ll only move forward with the book if you move onto the next chapter, re-reading the same one will mean you’re still at the same plac. Now replace that book with your life and the chapters with phases of life it brings along, just keep moving.

2. Do more of what you love

I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing but simultaneously I’m also a victim of not doing more of it. There’s this freedom and personal space you create, like a little bubble fort when reading a book where you create your own imaginary world and let your brain rewire an image you thought did not exist. That right there, exploring yourself and making use of the brain rewiring gives you so much peace and tranquility you’ll be in awe! Whatever it is, you sing, dance, go for walks, creating art in the kitchen or on a canvas, putting up your serotonin levels by pleasing your inner self will give you inner peace and ease of happiness.

3. Listen to your body

You’re nothing without your body, it’s holding you together right now, it’s how you can scroll through and read this post, its how you’re achieving all that you want to. I cannot emphasise enough on how much you need to be looking after yourself, think of it like a temple or similar and the mind being your priest. You never let there be rubbish lying around in a temple, you dont go littering in a temple do you? Then why would you feed your temple products you know will be of harm to it, why wouldnt you cater for yourself being responsible of cleaning up yourself from within (I made emphasis on nutrition and exerise based needs in the previous post,click here to go have a read).

4. Take every day as it presents

You’re not an astrologer. Don’t pretend to have control of what will happen to you in the future, you’re not sure of what you’ll be doing the next minute so live each moment as it comes. Breathe. Take in each day as a present and make the most of it, let go of grudges and dont distrub the future to come, keep yourself in the presence, be around those who love you, make you happy, cherish what you have and look forward to what you’ll achieve.

You’re doing the best you can.


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Signing out, see you in the next read 🙂

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