(26) 6 ways Yoga helps

  1. Flexibility boost

First and most obvious, yoga has been highly pronounced with improving body flexibility in its numerous ways. Now this has normally been easily confused with stretching routines that we perform pre-workouts, yes i’ll agree it works the hamstrings, fascia and quads predominantly like the stretching does however, there’s a fine line. Stretching is to warm up/cool down them muscles and enhance blood supply pre/post workout respectively so as to avoid pulls and injuries. on the other hand, yoga unifies your mental and controlled movement power to empower you with that solidarity and peace from within, in the process numbing those aches and pains.

2. It’s got your back

Literally tho. when you practice yoga you have to perform postures and asāna that seem weirdly uncomfortable. Keeping that posture and upright profile provides theright support for your spine, protecting spinal discs and nerve ending supplies that get their “breathing space”.

3. Bloody yoga

Now don’t get on top of me, i say it to pronounce what it does and that is providing an ample supply of blood to all your organs, muscles, cells and upto everything minute. When a yoga asana is perormed, the parts of the body used are active in motion working those myoglobin cells in the muscles, quick exchange of oxyhameoglobin blood into the working muscles and deoxygenated out therefore supplementing the muscle/working organ to work at a quicker rate. In short, win win.

4. Imunnity booster

How? lymph nodes. little organ located at the neck which work as the uber drivers of the body and aid in removing toxic specifications from the body. Lymphatic vessels are located in and around organs that work as the ‘uber cars’ and collect these toxic matter and basically dump these on the lymph nodes which then further excrete it from the body. Yoga here enhances this collection and dumping now. And so, do those yoga poses that you can’t perform the first time because it’s what’s saving you from that cold.

5. Stay healthy. stay happy.

It comes to no surprise that people who engage in healthy eating, movement always sum up to be happier than those who don’t. Yoga teleports your mind to a surreal world, an imagination purely defined and created by you, now why wouldn’t that amaze you? Detaching the soul from the body and purifying your inner self equates to happiness, simple. when our bodies sense a feeling of happiness they release this funny substance called serotonin that further gives you that tingly happy feeling, next time when you’re low 10 minutes of yoga instead of binge netflix.

6. The early worm takes it all

Doesn’t sound unfamiliar that one i know, speaking for myself i don’t practice it all the time but working on getting myself hooked to it. Although i do have my tailored pranayams and meditation session if we may call pre-bed time and imeediately after i wake up. Relating to the above point, serotonin, dopamine and sleep hormones are released into the blood stream. Honestly, imagine when you head to bed and feel every muscle in your body releasing all the ache, tiredness and tightness into space. Simply sitting up on your bed and performing relaxation yoga asanas can change the way you wake up – more refreshed, awake and enthusiastic for the day.


Thank you for reading today’s post, Yoga is a practice that takes years to perfection but working up the ladder at our own pace we’ll add life to our years not just years to our life. What’s your take on yoga and what do you find beneficial out of it?

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Signing out, see you in the next read 🙂

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