(27) 3 rules for a successful exercise routine

  1. Motivation

Without a second thought it’s the first thing on the list and without it you wouldn’t really have the will to step outside your comfort zone and pyjamas. This can come in may forms though; be it good music, your workout clothes (good way to splurge all that money huh), the idea of getting into an inspired and desired body but thats all in the minority. Your biggest motivation should dwell from within, getting inspired to lead a healthy life instead of aiming to see the final results per se.

2. Discipline

Going hand in hand with motivation you need to be strict and able to adhere to your routines, diet plans or even as simple as drinking plenty of water! Discipline forming is not the easiest to achieve or form but first you need to form a strong core of foundation to help you maintain that mindset.

3. Consistency

Again working with the two mentioned above, consitency defines how committed you can be with your workout routines and diets. There’s a saying that has been said that it takes about 60 days to form a habit, cheating a day in betwen or so and breaking the chain will only cause you the loss.

So go be you and smash those routines, diets and use those affirmations!

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Signing out, see you in the next read 🙂

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