(28) Yet another attempt.

It comes as no surprise that everything you have been reading on the internet these past few weeks has been on and about the crisis we are facing as global citizens. And here’s another article about it.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

I don’t want to make you read about what’s right and wrong but rather just pour out notions that I have seen and been through these couple days, we’ll probably have 99% of it in similar context which is exactly my point that you’re not the only one who’s having to deal with this. The internet has a crown on its head for putting things in people’s heads and people rule the internet; good and bad. It truly depends on you and your mindset how you want to look at this, someone out there has already said it but this is truly a time we have all been given to pause from our hustles and look around. When was the last time you did that with all your will? Let’s talk about me.

I honestly don’t remember the last time when I worked out at home every single day, a lazy day meant a rain check at the gym right? It is a realization that has been brought upon to us. We underestimate qualities we behold and undervalue the people and things we have achieved. Life has its ways to show a person when they’re not giving it attention, it just happens that it found a way to do this to the entire world at the same time and so the human race doesn’t like it.

We play the blame game, try to pin down on the ‘what ifs’ and how different today would be if that didn’t happen or that happened but every so often, we literally forget what IS happening and what CAN happen.

It’s like a slap in the face you know. Mediocre, but it’s always the things we know, that we don’t really know, think about it. You know you’re having a hard time moving on about a certain topic and you even know the roots of the trouble but dare you acknowledge it and voice your thoughts, it’s time to project that what say?

P.S Is it too late for a comeback?

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