(29) The online world

You don’t always want to be the person who sits face up in front of the telly at some point make some productive use of this time and who knows who you come out as on the other side of this calamity.

Here’s what’s keeping me busy and nope none of these are paid ads, just me trying to show you where I have been putting my time.

  1. This blog page

If you’re a follower of this page you know I’ve been having my ups and down with commitment and as much as that’s embarrassing, it’s something I want to constantly keep putting out to give me the realization that my journey is still incomplete. So that’s what I have gotten to lately, trying to build content and honestly figuring out how this page can be used to bring out a good difference to someone’s life and not just putting out words for the sake of having a blog channel.

2. Udemy

I was introduced to this platform say about a year ago, it’s got good content and courses that would subside paying heaps at uni. The content it holds vary in learning time from an hour to even days of commitment, but I don’t think time is a problem we’re facing at the moment. If you’re the person who would do it for the sake of having a pretty resume then be it, if it’s a passion you haven’t yet pursued then be my guest and head over and get some skills running!

3. Physiopedia by Physioplus

I came across this board called physioplus which is European based (if I’m not wrong) however it offers several mini units that offer context similar to what is offered in universities for physiotherapists. Registration boards that are in compliance with it are the APA (Australian physiotherapists association), an American board and the physiotherapists board of south Africa. If you’re in that field or even just love to learn about how to understand the spinal cord and all complications that come with it then I highly suggest you sign up, it costed me about AUD100  to get in which I feel very fair compared to $4500 that I’d pay for one of the unit at uni (-sigh-).

4. A Resume fix

If you’re someone who’s been at the same job for the past 5 years then why would you even bother fixing up your resume or even drawing a new one up right? Wrong! I’m not saying that because I mean you never know when you might need it but rather to show yourselves how far you’ve come and review your achievements. Reading back to when you used it to apply for the job you’re currently in and reviewing it to see where you stand now after all those years will give you a glimpse of how much change time has brought, don’t always do it for the heck of it do some things for you. Go on an update that resume and CV and give yourself something to be proud of.

I hope there is something uplifting for at least some of you in this, if this is something you can relate to or have different ideas do drop them down below! We can all share a bit of our daily routines to see what everyone’s been up to, let’s help each other out.

Take care of each other, see you in the next read 🙂

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