(30) 5 benefits of walking

Walking has always been the most under-rated form of exercise, many thinking of us thinking that it isn’t efficient enough, until of late. Looking closely at the science of it, here’s a blog about it! Enjoy!

Photo by Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash
  1. Remedial for joints

Our body is a complex structure held together by a series of bones holding the rest of the body together. It comes as no surprise that they are therefore the ones at highest risk of ‘erosion’ or as we call it a wear and tear mechanism. Walking helps the synovial membranes (they jacket out joints) release a fluid called synovial fluid which is then used as a lubricant for these joints, therefore delaying the onset off joint damage.

2. Kick the metabolism

Think about it if you’ve ever gone out for a walk, it can actually be demanding especially if it’s an uphill, or you’re walking at a much faster pace. When a physical exertion as such has been put on the body it asks for far much energy demand, increases our cardiovascular activity.To compensate for this the body starts using up more carbs and fats for fuels which occurs at a faster rate than usual – this faster rate = increase in metabolism. Hint: Prime factor for weight loss.

3. Snooze like a baby

Have you ever had a physically exhausting day and when you finally jump into bed, you’re knocked out in a minute and have no absolute clue when morning arises? Yep. Such a satisfying thought isn’t it? For those of you who can’t relate and you’re one of those people who have trouble sleeping at night, it might just help exhausting your body during the day. Healthy exhaustion. Sure, a hard workout at the gym is a solution but it’s not always that we can afford a membership or have the time to, going for.

Solution: A 30 Min stroll every day for the whole week will surely do you as good

4. Stress low

We seem to be living in a world full of chaos where we say we don’t have the time for stress but yet again keep thinking on how stressed we are. Bugga. Something as simple as going for a 10 min walk even, 10 MINS!! Can help level down your stress. Thing is, walking is a form of physical activity and when we engage in such, we stimulate the release of a hormone called endorphins. Endorphins have this ability to reduce the perceptions of pain, the feeling of stress and hence are natural boosters for our emotional status.

5. Blank canvas

Run out of ideas? Want to be creative? I personally use walks as a therapy to get my creative juices out. It’s like stepping out with a blank canvas and letting nature have its way of squeezing those ideas from deep down.

I know some of us don’t have an option of going out right now but that shouldn’t stop us from carrying out some form of movement. I had a previous post that talked about Yoga, which is a powerful tool too, or even something as simple as a 10 min meditation.

See you in the next read x

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