(32) 5 skills gained from sport

There’s heaps that comes with paying sport or even doing exercises in different forms, apart from the physical changes it brings about plus points that aren’t so easily noticed. And that is what we are going to cover in today’s topic, YAAY!

I got inspired from the learning platform I have currently been obsessed about: Physioplus.

  • Coordination: ability to use all senses together to perform motor tasks accurately. They are formed over time with repetitive use of sensory cues, adaptation techniques, and heaps of training.
  • Balance: maintenance of equilibrium whilst moving or stationary. Training provided to the legs and core stabilizes the body at an overall, it is said to have created a solid foundation which then results in an overall body balance.
Photo by Belle Maluf on Unsplash
  • Agility: change of position of body at a quick pace, with correct movement as needed within a certain perimeter of space. This kind of tests are commonly seen like those in training sessions for sports where players run in between cones, tap in tap out from ladders and so on. To be quick, accurate and in concentration is what makes one agile.
  • Speed: ability to perform swiftly. I’m not sure if this even needs an explanation, as the word defines, speed. Period.
  • Reaction time: time between an external action and start of a response. This will primarily be affecting how injured a player can get, if they can see the oncoming hazard, a pass from another player and so on.

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