(33) Update: Global Health status

Photo by Marcin Kempa on Unsplash

Dear people of the planet,

Our world is masked with unknown and deadly diseases that are born every day. They carry on their own lives minding their business, until we interfere in their lives. They know how dangerous they are and rather be away from urbanisations and mediocrity, but it is us who put foot on their lands and took away their home. So, what may be wrong here if they think it right to make us their home? We did take theirs away.

Where and who approved for deforestation to take place? Why do icebergs melt? Who made sea levels rise? Who’s making animals wild enough to kill humans, I mean only if we didn’t take their rightful space and build ours on top of it. Who made us the rulers of this Earth that we so often call ours, but have we really treated it like so? When we interfere with Mother nature and the ecosystems, we disturb their balance and it has to take another course to strike out that balance again, only this time it is a global balance gone profoundly noticed.

It’s  time it all changed, and we all have a role to play.

Dear humanisation, don’t take our homes away and we won’t lock you in yours.

Yours sincerely,

Other living things of the planet.

Let’s have an open discussion on how us as residents of this globe can have a good impact on the Earth, even the smallest thought makes the biggest impact. It’s just a matter of trying. Leave comments below!


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