(34) How much do we know about non-communicable diseases?

Fancy name isn’t it? For many of us that are hearing it for the first time it is usually abbreviated ad NCDs. Still unknown?

Type 2 diabetes – using the art of bargaining and negotiation to ...

How about diabetes? Cancer? Cardiovascular diseases? More on familiar grounds now, NCDs are known as ‘Group 2’ diseases by the World Health Organisation (WHO) due to the routes it takes to eventual death of a person. It is not something you see coming with immediate symptoms or can be cured in a jiffy, they are progressive diseases that take their time to develop mainly due to lifestyle factors (sedentary and physical activity ratio), alcohol consumption, nutrition, tobacco consumption and even social determinants of health. These are factors that we can change and control easily with working around our eating patterns, carrying out physical activity, limiting or giving up alcohol and so on.

Angina Pectoris & Atherosclerosis on Make a GIF
Atheroma: build of of cholestrol leading to hypertension

Physical activity is a factor that falls under my scope of practice and one which I consider to be heaps important contrary to popular belief, here’s my reasons:

  • Reduces the risk of obesity; optimal nutrition
  • Lowers the risk of hypertension and its effects
  • Acts as a primary and secondary intervention for coronary diseases
  • Improves performance in patients with chronic heart failure
  • Improved quality of life
  • Overall natural booster for the immune system

References from the WHO website and physiopedia

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