(36) What does an exercise prescription for patients with CVDs look like?

  1. Should be conducted on a daily basis at least; supervised by an exercise physiologist/physio or so.
  2. A form of continuous exercises are advised to be carried out primarily targeting the large muscle groups, for example, walking, swimming, group aerobics. For those who suffer with problems in the upper extremities providing exercises that work the lower extremities works as well and vice versa.
  3. Resistance exercises to be provided in circuit forms of 10-12 exercises with of 10-12 reps catering for the right amount of resistance.
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  • Minimum of 3 non-consecutive days
    • The higher the freq. the higher the chances of musculoskeletal injures


  • 10 min warm up/ cool down including stretches and flexibility
    • 20-40 min continuous cardio exercises
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  • Cardio exercises in supervised programs should include:
    • 40-85% VO2 max
    • 40-85% max HR reserve
    • 55-90% of HR max
    • RPE should be equivalent to the monitored exercise intensity


  • Should be done slowly and carefully – duration and intensity


  • Constant observation
    • Measuring the heart rate and the rhythm
    • Bp where indicated – depending on the patient and complications
    • Patients exercising without direct supervision should exercise at lower intensities

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