(37)All you need to know about Exercise training

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There’s so much that you hear about reps, sets, volumes, intensities etc… it doesn’t stop but what’s the point of an exercise regime if you can’t understand those terms? Today’s blog will cover some of those technical issues for those count it gibberish…

… eventually I wish those workouts work out!

  1. Interval training

 Intense bouts of exercise that last for about 60 seconds with rest periods of 30 seconds. Exercises are carried out at a maximal intensity work of 80-100% peak.

This form of training is proven to be effective with improvements in muscle fiber oxidative capacity, in simple terms it enhances the use of oxygen by the exercising muscles.

  • Aerobic exercises

 Probably the most familiar of all training exercises, it increases the heart rate incrementally.

Why is it good for you? It helps with exercise tolerance, enhances quality of life, improves immunity with less sick days to report.

  • Strength training

 In order to get this regime right, there’s a rule of three: intensity, volume and frequency.

Intensity is measured in the form of repetition maximum which is the ability of the person to carry out a movement until they fatigue.

Volume will be defined by the number of repetitions and dets performed by the individual.

Frequency is one of the final components to be considered and this caters for the number of times an exercise is performed per week.

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