(38) Exercise prescription for patients with Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD)

Warm up

  • The main reason why we say a good warm up is absolute necessary is that it:
  • redistributes blood to active tissues,
  • increases the muscle temperature,
  •  coordinates the speed of muscle action and relaxation,
  • preps the mind for the upcoming exercises and
  •  preps the muscle for ROM involved for the conditioning period.

How are we going to achieve this?

grayscale photography of group of women marching on road

It’s pretty simple and straight forward for patients to adapt to this, march on your feet and do some stretches to get the blood moving throughout the body, it’s a way of letting the body know it’s going to be active in several forms and angles.

What you’ll feel: after 2-3minutes you’ll be feeling the blood gushing through your body so that’s totally normal, feeling warm and a bit worked is totally normal too.

Get groooooving..

Let’s get into it then!

20-40 mins of continuous exercise including:


  • 10-15 reps x 8-10 exercises
  • Don’t be afraid to get some water when needed, take a rest; active one if you can (keep marching while resting)
  • You can use a chair or a rail as a support,
  • we’ll target the large muscle groups so it’s less taxing but getting the work done
  • 30 secs on each exercise; keep breathing as it should come more naturally
person wearing orange and gray Nike shoes walking on gray concrete stairs

The workout

  • Sit-to-stands on a chair
  • Calf raises
  • Back toe touch
  • Using tins/bottles and carry out lateral raises
  • Using tins/bottles and carry out forward raises
  • Step ups using the stairs of the house or even a low stool if available (or pretending there’s and imaginary stair and raise your feet) – don’t forget to change legs (30 secs on each leg)
  • Lateral extensions of the leg; use the chair as a support if need be
  • Knee ups – only as comfortable as it gets for you, don’t push it
  • Pushups on the wall – keep legs on the ground, hands just under the shoulder, touch the nose and back up.

Cool down

What are the benefits of this?

blue lemon sliced into two halves
  • To reduce the increased risk of hypotension (high blood pressure),
  • Generally, older hearts take longer to return to rest,
  • Raised sympathetic activity during exercise can lead to an increased the risk of arrythmias
  • The way to acheiving this is simply marching on the spot, it reduces yuor sympathetic activity in a controlled manner and gives time for the muscles to come back to their norm levels.

Those are simple exercises yet so effective, many that are hard to understand which is why i have made a pdf printout explaining the set of exercises better and links to videos on how to carry them out. If you’re interested reach out to me on my email provided so ican send them to you 🙂

P.S They’re absolutely free 🙂

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Signing out, see you in the next read 🙂

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